What are fractals?

Fractals are found throughout nature; some examples include trees, river systems, and coastlines. A river system follows a natural fractal pattern if you follow it upstream. The main river splits into smaller rivers, and those split into even smaller rivers, and those split again even smaller and so on. Fractals are self-similar infinitely repeating patterns created using simple recursive math equations. Geometric fractals can be used to model natural fractals so it's possible to get some very organic looking results using only the fractal math.

Click HERE for a much more in-depth educational video about fractals.


About the Artist

Adam Hoffman is a Gladstone, MI native that now resides in Salt Lake City, UT. He is a self-taught artist that chose fractal art for its infinite possibilities. Adam's work is inspired by exploration. His pieces are not always created with a predetermined destination, instead, many times they are created by exploring the journey and and seeing where it takes him. By layering fractals, he can expand the journey into even more complex patterns and designs - and by adding color, a relatively flat fractal pattern can pop into an almost three dimensional piece. These techniques can be seen throughout his body of work.

Awards and Exhibitions 

-2020 Group Exhibition, "Flow" - Urban Arts Gallery (SLC, UT)

-2019 Best in Digital Art - Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts (AZ)

-2019 2nd Place in Digital Art - Colorado Artfest at Castle Rock (CO)

-2019 Mayors Award - Ridgway Rendezvous Art & Craft Festival (CO)

-2018 Best in Digital Art - Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts (AZ)

-2018 2nd Place in Digital Art - Colorado Artfest at Castle Rock (CO)

-2017 Group Exhibition, "Art of Planetary Sciences" - AAS Division for Planetary Science Conference (Provo, UT)

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